Grant boosts fabric research

Angus-based Don and Low has been awarded a grant by Scottish Enterprise to develop innovative textiles

Angus-based advanced textile company Don and Low has been awarded a £144,000 grant by Scottish Enterprise to develop innovative, high performance fabrics.

Don and Low manufactures polypropylene woven and non-woven fabrics in Forfar, producing up to nine million square metres a week of materials ranging from carpet yarns to medical fabrics. It endeavours to develop new materials, processes and products, and has invested well over £1m in R&D in the last three years.

This latest project involves a number of elements including development of synthetic fabrics for use by the construction industry to help insulate and ventilate buildings more effectively. The company will also research composite fabrics for use in aircraft manufacturing to reduce weight at take-off, fabrics to make it easier to recycle vehicles and innovative composites to make ballistic panels to counter terrorist attacks.

Scottish Enterprise estimates commercialisation of the developments it is funding will contribute to an annual increase in Don and Low’s sales of £2.2m.

David Avril, development manager at Don & Low, said: ‘To keep ahead of the competition, we need to focus on manufacturing higher performance, higher value technical textiles with significant export potential. This project will help us exploit anticipated trends, diversify into new markets and secure new orders.’