Graphs at your fingertips

One tool that can help with finding the sense in huge amounts of data is Axum, the technical graphics and data analysis software from MathSoft, sold in the UK by Adept Scientific. In version 5.0, new features include panel plots for revealing hidden patterns in data, the ability to customise toolbars and menus and a link to let users create PowerPoint presentations.

Point-and-click graphing is a way of creating graphs instantly by selecting data from a built-in data sheet and clicking on one of over 80 2D and 3D plot buttons. So it is not only easier to create and edit graphs, but also to switch between graph types.

Axum 5.0 has a link with Microsoft’s PowerPoint, and can also be integrated with Mathcad. Axum provides 16 and 32-bit support and compliance with Windows 95 and Microsoft Office.

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