Greased lightning bearings

Initiatives to reduce noise in the workplace, even by a fraction, can induce heavy costs. However, Tsubaki says its new Low Noise Drive Chain can directly replace standard roller chains but is between 6-8 dB quieter in operation.

Noise occurs when the chain roller and teeth of the sprocket mesh together, but with the new design, the normal cylindrical roller is replaced by a coil spring roller and absorbs the noise produced when engaged with the sprocket teeth.

The SN Low Noise Chain can, says its manufacturer, directly replace standard roller chains in power transmission systems at speeds up to a maximum of 200m/min and is an alternative for companies that adopted belts for noise reduction but have encountered problems because of the type of use, belt strength, operating conditions, and cost.

Tsubaki is confident that the SN Low Noise Drive Chain can be successfully deployed in applications such as printing, canning and conveyors to name but a few.

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