Greater efficiency in warehouse management

A voice operated picking system, connected by radio, provides greater efficiency in warehouse management.

By providing the picker with a headset connected via a radio network to ABB Automation’s SattStore warehouse management system, information is relayed to the picker via voice instructions. By listening and responding to verbal instructions, picked quantity, replenishment requests and stocktaking can be controlled and confirmed.

This advanced system leaves the operator with both hands free and makes picking and handling tasks easier and quicker. Freed from the burden of carrying an unwieldy document or terminal that disrupts concentration and efficiency, the picker can now concentrate on their primary task, resulting in higher and more accurate pick rates.

The new technology delivers a significant improvement in the ability of the system to recognise and interpret spoken instructions. It is able to cope with the variations between male and female voices, dialects and the effects of hoarseness and does not normally require individual training for each user.

Each picker has their own headset, which allows the system to recognise their vocal responses. The system selects an assignment number and directs the picker, via the headset, to a specific aisle and location for the pick. Each location has a check digit number the worker repeats back into the system for verification of the item and quantity selected.

The picker places the item onto a pallet jack and is instructed to deliver the full load to a selected door. Once there, the worker speaks the door number into the system, drops off the product, and is given the next assignment.

The picker is then free to complete other tasks. The system means fewer errors will be committed and labour costs will be reduced. Voice picking software applications include picking, receiving, put away, inspection, returns processing, cycle counting, value added services and other procedural and directed operations.