Greek Air Force set for 25 million Euro radar upgrade

The Business Unit Systems and Defence Electronics division of EADS has won a 25 million Euro order from the Hellenic Air Force to modernise 11 L-band radar systems.

Stefan Zoller, President and CEO of EADS Systems and Defence Electronics, said: ‘Within the scope of an offset contract, the Greek industry will be included in the project as a subcontractor.

‘Thus, the power modules for new radar transmitters will be built in Greece. We are pleased that this breakthrough co-operation with our Operating Unit Naval and Ground Systems will become a reality.’

In 1979 and 1986, the air surveillance radars were supplied to Greece and have operated successfully ever since, prompting the Greek airforce to modernise its radar systems rather than replace them.

The radars will be equipped with semiconductor transmitters and a new signal generation in addition to receiver and evaluation systems, which will reportedly guarantee a 15-year prolongation in the service life of the radar stations.