Green light for green fuel

Denbighshire County Council has granted consent for Clifford Jones Timber to construct a new facility for making wood pellets as a renewable source of energy.

Subject to a number of conditions, the company will also install a second shed for raw materials, a new septic tank and construct new vehicular access.

‘This is the natural development of an industrial operation,’ said the firm’s agent Arwel Davies.

The plans would reduce carbon emissions for the firm as the timber would be made into pellets on site instead of having to be sent away on trucks to another location.

‘The firm currently employs over 40 people and these plans would not only safeguard the existing workforce but create 15 new jobs which would benefit the local economy,’ said Davies.

‘Wood pellets are a renewable energy and this is a key part of the plans. It will bring income to the rural community, benefit the local community and bring Ruthin and Denbighshire to the forefront of environmental issues,’ he said.