Greener computing from Cranberry

Cranberry, the Bath-based smart client manufacturer, has claimed that using its efficient computer could offset the carbon produced by millions of European holiday flights.

According to estimates by industry analyst Gartner Group, the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry generates as much CO2 as the aviation industry.

Cranberry said its Smart Client computer, the SC20, is the industry’s most energy-efficient alternative to a desktop computer, and could reduce the carbon footprint of office workers’ computers by up to 95 per cent.

No bigger than a paperback book, the SC20 consumes on average 9W of power compared to a mid-range PC that has an average power consumption of 175W. As well as being 19 times more efficient, the SC20 comes with management software to further reduce power consumption by automatically turning off unused powered-on devices overnight.

Cranberry said that if this saving were applied to the 12.6 million office PCs in the UK today, it would produce a reduction in CO2 emissions equivalent to 6.3 million people taking an annual return flight from London to Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon or Rome.

Cranberry’s SC20 Smart Client computer is a fusion of ‘thin’ and ‘fat’ client technologies – meaning the processing is done mainly centrally or on the desktop respectively. The SC performs the business functions of a fat PC, including web browsing, but has easy management and security features of a thin client device.

Cranberry also claims that the SC is immune to the consequences of viruses and spyware as it loads a fresh copy of the operating system every time it starts. Due to its ultra-efficient microprocessor, the Smart Client consumes less than 10 per cent of the power of a standard PC while using Microsoft Windows XP.