GSM contract worth $135 million to Ericsson

Ericsson has won a $135 million contract with Shandong Mobile Communication Company (SDMCC) to expand the Chinese company’s GSM network.

Ericsson and Shandong Mobile Communication Company (SDMCC) have signed contracts for the expansion of SDMCC’s GSM network. Ericsson will provide equipment, software and services in the expansion.

Under the contracts, Ericsson will provide equipment including Mobile Switching Centre (MSC), Base Station Controller (BSC), Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), Home Location Register (HLR), Transit MSC (TSC), as well as software upgrading and customer services.

In this expansion, Ericsson will deploy rural network solutions to perfect the network coverage in rural and low traffic areas to meet the particular requirements of SDMCC.

In order to extend SDMCC’s radio network coverage with the most cost-effective construction of base stations, Ericsson will provide high-power base stations RBS2206, RBS2202 CDU-A plus with Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA), as well as high-power Micro Base Transceiver Station MAXITE.

Combined with Ericsson’s function software feature, the packaged rural solutions will enable SDMCC to further optimise the network quality of voice services for its users in low-traffic area.

A series of service contracts were also signed covering GSM and GPRS network optimisation, remote consulting, hardware repair and replacement and education.

Equipment is being supplied by Ericsson’s two largest joint ventures in China, Beijing Ericsson Mobile Communications Company Ltd. and Nanjing Ericsson Panda Communications Company Ltd.

Delivery will start in late June, and the projects will be completed in November. Following the expansion of GSM network, SDMCC will reach the capacity of more than 12 million subscribers.

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