Haas Celebrates Best Supplier Award at Olympiade des Métiers

Haas Automation’s support of the national and global Worldskills competitions is another facet of its long-term commitment to CNC education and training. Mr. Bert Maes, HTEC coordinator at Haas Automation Europe, says that the company intends to continue and to increase its support.

“Haas sees CNC training and education as one of the greatest challenges facing the precision engineering sector, in Europe and around the world. We have already made tremendous progress with the HTEC program in Europe and we are keen to support events like the Olympiade des Métiers. At Worldskills in Calgary, for example, Haas will supply more than 20 CNC machine tools. No other machine tools builder supports education in this way.”

Stop press: On 15 May 2009 Haas Automation Europe will open the first HTEC in France at the Lycée Sainte-Barbe, Saint-Etienne, HFO – a division of Performer CNC.

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