Hägglunds Drives starts to build tailored power units in UK

To meet some of our customers requirements of tailored power units for specific customer applications Hägglunds Drives has started to build high quality customised power units for their range of hydraulic drive systems particularly for Marine applications.
The new facility is intended to provide power units for niche applications which require special designs to meet customer and environmental requirements where the standard PEC type design cannot be easily utilised. In other words, to be flexible in our approach and versatile in our thinking. Marine and offshore units often require special frameworks and lifting arrangements with designs to suit movement and the harsh seawater environment. Quite often these also need to be diesel driven units for deployment on short term contracts on differing types of vessels. Although the facility is conceived primarily for Marine and Offshore systems it has already been loaded with special power units for other market segments that Hagglunds are involved in.
Extensive 3D design capability enables improved layout at the design stage thereby improving the efficiency of manufacturing power units and this improves communications with customer’s regarding interface possibilities.
The facility has 8750ft² of factory floor space and 1750ft² of offices and is situated in Normanton, West Yorkshire. A 10 tonne travelling crane has been installed, a 350 KVA diesel generator for testing and good stocks of plated pipe, pipe fittings and clamps etc have been procured.
Hagglunds standard range of power units is very extensive with a long track record of success and provides a very attractive package with a wide range of power and flow combinations to give high performance to customer applications such as feeders, mixers, conveyors, mills and winches.  Hagglunds have always focussed on customer relationships where reliability is a prerequisite and have over many years developed a deep knowledge of drive systems in many industrial areas such as Marine & Offshore, Mining and Bulk Materials Handling, Recycling, Building & construction, Process industries like Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Rubber  & Plastics and Sugar.
Hagglunds main manufacturing plant is based in Sweden where the wide range of hydraulic motors and standard power units are built. Standard power units for the American market are built in the USA. However there are some applications and environments which require special designs and these will be designed and built in the new UK facility.

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