Hain heralds bright future for solar energy

Peter Hain, Minister for Energy, today welcomed a Photovoltaic (PV) report on how Government and Industry can work together to make Britain a global player in solar power.

The report recommends that the most effective way of deploying PV in the UK is a major grant programme to support the installation of solar PV arrays on some 70,000 domestic properties and several hundred non-domesticbuildings.

It also calls for connection to the grid to be simplified with clear planning guidance and a fair price for electricity exported to the grid.

The Government has already secured £10 million for Photovoltaics (PV) over the next three years and Government support for renewables has now been boosted to over £260 million over the next three years.

‘Clean energy is the future and I want to see barriers to solar energy removed,’ said Mr Hain, speaking at the Northumbria Photovoltaics Applications Centre.

‘There are opportunities for employment in the North East and otherparts of the UK, to attract new investment in PV module assemblyplants and in cell production facilities,’ he added. ‘There is even more scopefor job creation in the supporting component supply industries and ininstallation and servicing.’