Hamilton Sundstrand puts the air in the bus

Airbus has selected Hamilton Sundstrand to supply the Air Generation System for the Airbus A380 commercial airliner.

The award could generate more than $700 million in revenues for Hamilton Sundstrand over the life of the program.

The Hamilton Sundstrand-designed and built system will provide the air conditioning and temperature control to keep passengers comfortable. It will be the largest environmental control system ever built for a commercial aircraft.

The temperature control system also will modulate cooling and heating to the aircraft’s cargo compartments, an increasingly important function for long-haul freighter operation.

Other Hamilton Sundstrand businesses are long-time suppliers to Airbus, including Nord-Micro of Germany, providers of a complete range of cabin pressure control systems, Emergency & Electric Power Systems of Rockford, Illinois and HS Power Systems in San Diego, world leaders in auxiliary power units.

The A380 aircraft is expected to enter service in 2006.