Harder and even tougher than ever

North Yorkshire-based Direct Power/Bose Technologies has developed a new method of producing high quality Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) using a shockwave technique, which has resulted in both improved hardness and toughness due to the purity of the CBN rather than a more conventional mixture of CBN and tungsten carbide. As a result of this technology, the company is able to produce CBN that enhances tool life and therefore necessitates less frequent tool changes, as well as more competitive pricing.

CBN can be synthesised only as fine powder. In existing conventional technology, it is compacted into solid material with a large mixture of metal, which binds the CBN grains together, but impairs the overall hardness. Bose Technologies’ CBN is prepared from cubic and wurtzite-like modifications of Boron Nitride with highly activated surfaces, which can be compacted without additional binder, yielding pure homogenous CBN. By this and by careful optimisation of the grain size, immense hardness is achieved without any loss of the fracture toughness or bending strength.