HardwarePT adds Industrial Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Splitter to its Product Portfolio

Cheadle Royal, Cheshire, UK, 21st October 2008 – HardwarePT, a division of SolutionsPT Limited has announced the availability of Advantech’s EKI-2701PSI Industrial Power over Ethernet (PoE) splitter, which offers the convenience of a single cable to supply both power and data to connected devices and equipment.

PoE (also known as IEEE 802.3af) is a relatively new technology to industrial and plant-floor environments, but has proven itself in commercial and enterprise applications over the past several years. Using the unused wires in a 10/100Base-T cable, or by overlaying power on the data connections, PoE supplies 15.4W of power at 48VDC.

This technology is extremely useful for powering network devices and equipment, where it is inconvenient, expensive, or infeasible to supply power separately. Connected between a standard Ethernet device and a PoE powered connection, the EKI-2701PSI operates as a “splitter”, separating the PoE connection into a standard RJ45 Ethernet port and a removable screw terminal block capable of supplying nearly 13W at 24VDC. Packaged in a thin DIN-rail mount chassis, the EKI-2701PSI is ideal where panel space is limited. It supports both standard 10/100Base-T and gigabit 1000Base-T connections. It is also ruggedized for demanding industrial applications, with 4,000 VDC Ethernet ESD protection, power line surge (EFT) protection of 3,000 VDC, power isolation, and output power short circuit protection. For maximum uptime, in unattended and remote locations, it features an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 75° C.

Harry Forbes of Boston-based ARC Advisory Group notes “The IEEE 802.3af PoE standard was designed to fit VOIP telecom applications, and 48 VDC device power is a global standard in telecom. This Advantech product is the first off-the-shelf solution I have seen for adapting PoE to standard industrial automation devices, which expect 24 VDC power. This will prove very useful in manufacturing automation applications.”

The EKI-2701PSI splitter is an ideal means to gain the benefits of PoE with standard Ethernet devices in harsh industrial environments. For applications with two or more devices requiring a PoE power source, the EKI-2525P 5-port industrial Ethernet switch is a great match.

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