Harris to keep bombs on target

Harris Corporation has been selected by Boeing to provide anti-jam GPS electronics (AJ GPS) for the US Air Force’s Small Diameter Bomb (SDB). Harris’ initial two-year contract includes design and development work.

With the anticipated production phase, Harris estimates the overall value of the SDB AJ GPS program to reach up to $500 million by 2020.

The SDB is a 250-pound class precision-guided weapon launched from a jet fighter, bomber or unmanned aircraft that will destroy targets from a range of greater than 40 miles and penetrate more than three feet of steel-reinforced concrete.

The Harris AJ GPS technology is said to make SDB and other weapons resistant to unintentional or intentional RF interference or jamming of their satellite guidance receivers.

Miniaturised electronics such as AJ GPS also help to enable the SDB’s compact size (70-inch length and 6-inch diameter), allowing for increased weapons loads on each aircraft.