Heated exchange of expertise leads to new software package

HTFS and Schell have combined their specialist skills to develop specialised software to help engineers design shell and tube heat exchangers. The product itself is MechX, a package that combines a thorough understanding of heat exchangers with Schell’s experience of pressure vessel technology.

As well as performing mechanical calculations to recognised international vessel codes, either linked to HTFS’s thermal design programme, TASC for Windows, or as a stand-alone calculation, the software can optimise the tube layout, prepare a budget costing, generate a bill of materials and draw setting plans and baffle arrangements.

Graphics developed by Dchell produce 2D or 3D drawings and interface to AutoCAD r13. The companies have included a database covering DIN and ASME/ASTM material specifications, for access to tensile, yield and design stresses, modulus of elasticity, coefficients of expansion and external pressure graphs or tables. Users will also find component data covering standard DIN and ANSI flanges, pipings and fittings, metric and imperial bolting.

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