Hello boys!

PDD, a UK-based design consultancy, has developed a ‘wireless’ bra that can monitor the heart rate.

The bra itself has been developed using an electrically – conductive textile which when worn next to the skin picks up electrical pulses from heartbeats.

The initial application is for people for whom a sudden change in heart rate may be critical – either for medical or safety reasons. The intelligent bra will signal for help should the wearer suffer a fall, an attack, or become subject to high stress levels.

Heart rate is monitored continuously by the bra, and if there is a sharp change, the wearer is prompted to assure the device that all is well. If the user is unable to respond, the system assumes that help is required. A distress signal is sent to a help centre via wireless mobile technology and the user’s whereabouts is then located by a Global Positioning System (GPS).

As an extension to the bra, PDD are also looking at developing accessories that ‘talk’ to the bra to enable a number of complimentary healthcare and sports applications.

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