Hercules gets stronger

BAE Systems has been awarded a contract modification worth $5.1m from the US Army to provide two M88A2 Hercules recovery vehicles for the Marine Corps.

Under the contract, BAE Systems will remanufacture and upgrade two additional Hercules, which will bring the total number of M88A2s purchased by the Marine Corps to 66 vehicles. Work on the contract begins immediately with delivery of both vehicles scheduled for December 2007.

‘The M88A2 Hercules has proven its value to US forces in combat situations, allowing recovery crews to conduct recovery missions under the most difficult battlefield conditions,’ said Ron McCleaf, M88A2 programme manager for BAE Systems.

Key upgrades from the M88A1 include improved power-assisted braking, improved steering, improved electrical system and increased engine horsepower. These improvements give 25 per cent more towing power, 40 per cent more lifting strength and 55 per cent more winching power.