High capacity split roller

BSL is offering Cooper split roller bearings in a higher capacity package that it claims offers up to 38% more roller bearing load capacity. In other words, a three times improvement in L10 bearing life with no dimensional increase.

These improvements have been realised with a construction that employs a prefabricated steel cage and an increased number of longer and larger rollers.

BSL claims that the overall effect of these design changes is to allow OEMs to specify a more cost effective bearing with a longer operational life.

The adoption of a prefabricated steel cage is said to be the key to the integration of a greater number of larger rollers. It also offers the E Series bearings to be applied in high temperature applications.

The new E Series units offer complete dimensional inter-changeability with existing Cooper 01 Series bearings. They also fit directly into existing housings and there is no need to re-machine shafts or housing mountings.


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