High-frequency electronic simulation

Ansys has launched a new high-frequency electromagnetic analysis solution for the electronics industry.

AI*EMAX, as it is called, provides visualisation of the electromagnetic field/wave in the finite element modelling space. Automated post-processing calculations provide electric and magnetic field intensity, quality factor, scattering matrix parameters, voltage, current, impedance, radar cross section, far and near electromagnetic fields beyond the modelled domain, as well as antenna patterns and Joule losses.

AI*EMAX features a graphical user interface, an internal modeller with automatic meshing tools, Ansys solvers, and post-processing capabilities.

Direct CAD plug-ins for Catia IV, Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks are available that enable users to build and prepare models within their CAD environment to be exported to AI*EMAX for meshing.

The software also produces a batch-input file and database compatible with Ansys/Multiphysics, used to simulate coupled physics phenomena such as RF heating.

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