High speed gear measurement

A solid-state geartooth speed sensor is one of a family of own-brand Hall effect sensors recently introduced by Cherry Electrical Products.

The product provides near zero speed sensing of rotating ferrous geartooth targets such as web speed gears, power transmission gears and conveyor speeds.

Specially constructed targets are not required and the sensor possesses a high speed sensing capability for a variety of tooth shapes and sizes, over a wide airgap range.

The ready-to-use module features a rugged flange style plastic housing, enabling operation in hostile environments where oil, dirt and other contaminants may cause problems.

Designated GS 1012, the device has a five to 24VDC operating range and is internally protected against reverse battery and transient conditions.

The sensor meets IEC standard for use in heavy industrial environments, with immunity assured against electrostatic damage, radiated electrical fields, conducted energy and magnetic field energy.