High speed link

DM Electronics has introduced Velocity High Speed Data Link, a new slip ring technology developed for the transfer of high-speed digital data across rotating interfaces.

The Velocity HSDL is said to support a wide variety of digital data protocols including Fibre Channel, Gbit Ethernet and other 1+Gbit/sec formats.

IDM says there is no lower limit on data speeds and the device will operate from DC to 1.2Gb/s making it suitable for TAXI, FDDI, Hot Link, SONET and Ethernet throughout the full range of its data rates.

Fully compatible with power, signal, video and other data channels to provide a multi-function slip ring assembly, its many Gbit/sec channels can be provided in a single assembly to provide solutions for multi-channel applications.

The Velocity HSDL’s off-axis design allows the unit to be configured for hollow shaft installations, fluid rotary unions, fibre optic rotary joints or other slip ring assemblies.

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