High-speed marine vessel obviates need for refuel

A new marine design and technology company based on the UK South coast has plans to build a fast new vessel called the Atlantic Challenger that will be capable of carrying passengers or cargo at high speed over long distances without re-fuelling.

This vessel’s developers at Christchurch, Dorset-based Maricuda Marine Technology aim to take the Hales Trophy with the new design − a prize awarded to the ship that makes the fastest crossing of the North Atlantic.

The vessel is also being designed to attract commercial interest from international fast-ferry operators, the military and private operators.

The company expects that the 80m twin-gas-turbine driven trimaran would be able to cross the Atlantic without re-fuelling, making the 3,000-mile journey in under two days.

The company currently anticipates that Devonport Yachts would manage the construction and development of the craft through all stages of the build process.

At the present time, Maricuda is seeking support from principal and secondary sponsors, high-technology companies that wish to use the vessel as a test bed for their equipment, potential end-users, investors in future technologies and private investors to fund the creation of the vessel.

World-wide merchandising, international broadcasting and film rights, the licensing rights for three patentable design concepts and the sale of the trophy-winning craft are the commercial returns available to interested parties.