High speed measurement for Universal

Pullmax has supplied a LaserQC high-speed 2D measuring system to Universal Steels and Aluminium, which supplies machining and profiling services to the aerospace metals industry.

To enable the company to provide services including routing punching and waterjet cutting, Universal has assembled a team of engineers who oversee every aspect of the work. The LaserQC means new parts no longer have to be digitised by hand. In the past, digitising a large complex part could take a whole day, using a process that was susceptible to human error. The LaserQC minimises this drain on resources by eradicating errors and reducing the time taken. The interval between receipt of a template or sample part and production can now be minutes rather than hours or days.

The LaserQC is involved from the early stages or pre-production, right through to the end of the production cycle. When provided with a database of part data in DXF format, the LaserQC is used to verify the integrity and accuracy of the manufactured part. This enables Universal Steels to ensure each produced part meets high standards of precision and allows the company to monitor the accuracy of its profiling equipment.