High-temperature, low-profile NTC Thermistors

From the world’s leading-edge NTC manufacturer, SeMitec’s latest product is the thin-film FT series thermistor.


Using thin-film technology and laser-trimming techniques, the FT thermistor is accurate to ±0.3°C, very fast responding and capable of operating from –40°C upto 400°C!  Its small footprint (0402 size package) and multiple fixing options (solder, gold-wire or epoxy-bonding) make the FT an extremely flexible product.  With a sensitivity of –5%/°C and R25 values upto 360kW, the FT’s high signal strength makes it easy to incorporate into sensing circuitry without concern over electrical noise.  Thus the FT can readily replace more delicate platinum sensors in numerous commercial and automotive applications.


The FT can also be supplied with small axial leads to make it into a very fast-responding air or surface sensor.  The “FL” variant is glass encapsulated making it very stable and capable of operating upto 350°C.

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