Hitting the car in front

Toyota has developed what it is calling a ‘pre-crash safety system’ that ‘foresees’ unavoidable collisions to pre-emptively activate safety devices inside a car.

Toyota plans to install the system in new vehicle models that will be introduced next year.

In operation, a sensor first determines the position of vehicles and obstacles on the road ahead using millimetre radar technology. Next, an on-board electronic control unit (ECU) determines whether or not a collision is imminent based on the position, speed and path of the object in front of the car.

If the ECU determines that a collision is inevitable, the system eliminates any seatbelt slack prior to the collision, restraining the driver and passengers.

At the same time, a brake assist mechanism reduces the collision speed of the vehicle by providing increased braking force in accordance with the brake pedal operation by the driver.

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