Hollywood goes mobile

It won’t be long before you can watch your favourite TV broadcasts on the go, thanks to a new chip that Texas Instruments is developing for mobile phones.

Code-named ‘Hollywood’, the chip will integrate a tuner, OFDM demodulator and channel decoder processor. The finished device will interface with TI’s OMAP processor which will handle the multimedia processing of the TV content, to provide a complete TV receiver system for wireless handsets.

The digital TV chip will support newly established and open digital TV broadcast standards for the wireless industry.

While no single standard will be used worldwide, TI believes that the most prevalent standards will be those that are open and non-proprietary, including Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld (DVB-H), which was developed for Europe and is expected to extend to North America, and the Japanese specification, Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial (ISDB-T). The ‘Hollywood’ chip will support them both.

Dedicated wireless networks supporting these standards will feature live broadcast TV (24-30 frames per second) paired with full audio versus the one-to-15-frames-per-second streaming capability offered via cellular.

These networks also could support services such as pay-per-view programming, interactive television, and menu/guide systems.

TI expects to provide samples of the ‘Hollywood’ chip to customers in 2006. Field trials are currently underway in several regions, including the US, Europe and Japan.

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