Holographic versatile standard

Six Japanese companies have formed an alliance to accelerate the development of holographic recording technology.

The six members of the so-called Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) Alliance – CMC Magnetics, Fuji Photo Film, Nippon Paint, Optware, Pulstec and Toagosei – will create standards for holographic storage systems based upon Optware’s collinear technology.

A patented technology originally proposed by Optware founder and CTO Hideyoshi Horimai, collinear holography combines a reference laser and signal laser on a single beam, creating a three-dimensional hologram composed of data fringes.

Using this mechanism, Optware claims that it can dramatically simplify and downsize the previously bulky and complicated systems required to generate holograms. In addition, the company has developed an exclusive servo system that has reduced pickup size, eliminated vibration isolators, and provided compatibility with existing DVD and CD discs.

A full description of the collinear technology can be found on the Optware site <link>here= http://www.optware.co.jp/english/tech.htm</link>.

The companies say that the holographic recording technology will enable existing discs the same size as today’s DVDs to store more than 1TByte of data (200 times the capacity of a single layer DVD), with a transfer rate of over 1Gbit/sec (40 times the speed of a DVD).

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