Hot stuff from Foxboro

Foxboro’s I/A Series of temperature transmitters are said to combine microprocessor-based technology with modified packaging to achieve the reliability demanded by today’s process industries.

Configuration is said to be simple as all versions have an optional plug-in LCD indicator with push-button configuration. The indicator can be removed and used to configure any other RTT 20 installed on the plant, and is available in a one, or three line indicator unit with alphanumeric and bargraph display.

The Model RTT20’s universal input capability allows inputs from most RTD’s and thermocouples currently available, and also has a custom configuration feature for non-standard applications.

Built-in features such as automatic self-calibration are said to offer cost savings to the plant in recalibration requirements and the intelligent smoothing function eliminates process and electrical noise.

The modular design is said to allow users to select the exact level of intelligence required. Options available include a microprocessor based 4 – 20 mA, HART, FoxCom and Foundation Fieldbus.

Intelligent models offer both local and remote configuration using the PC20 software package through a Hand Held Communicator, Laptop or DeskTop PC and via the Integrated Field Device Configurator when using the I/A Series System. Flexible mounting arrangements for the transmitter include direct head mount, remote or DIN Rail.

For processes with critical temperature applications or where dual inputs are needed, the Multivariable Model RTT25 can be used for averaging, differential or redundant applications. It offers single or dual measurements, FOUNDATION Fieldbus communications; a write protection jumper for added security, and even can be used as a mA to Fieldbus converter.

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