How much filling is needed?

Ranpak’s new AccuFill system automatically determines how much packing material is needed to fill a void in the top of a box and then generates the exact amount of material to fill that void. The operator helps insert the material but does not determine the amount of material.

The AccuFill system uses a sensor array that mounts over a conveyor system. As boxes containing products to be shipped are conveyed down the line, the AccuFill sensors scan the inside of each box to determine its size, measure the volume of the objects inside the box and compute the amount of material needed to fill the void in the top of the box.

The system then generates exactly the right amount of ‘voidfill’ material, quickly and reliably.

‘There are three variables in packaging: material cost, material usage and labour,’ said Dave Gabrielsen, president of Ranpak.

‘Research shows that packers often use more voidfill material than necessary, just to be safe. This is particularly true in random packing applications and when companies are using inexperienced temporary labour to do the packing.’

‘AccuFill controls the material usage by removing the decision-making from packers and returning it to management. We believe AccuFill users can expect to see reductions in material usage of between 10 and 25%.’

The AccuFill system can be integrated into an existing conveyor line. The system can be used with either of Ranpak’s patented converter systems – the AutoPad or the new FillPak high-speed voidfill system.

The product will be commercially available by the end of the third quarter 2003.

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