How much gas is in that cylinder?

Frazer-Nash Consultancy has developed an External Pressure Sensor (EPS) for BOC that allows the pressure in a cylinder to be measured externally, replacing the need for a pressure gauge.

The sensor provides a simple way to determine the amount of pressurised product in gas cylinders of varying sizes. The portable instrument allows the contents of a cylinder to be checked prior to delivery without removing the filling seal.

The EPS itself consists of a sensor, a striker and processing electronics, all housed in a single casing. The striker hits the vessel wall, causing it to vibrate at natural frequencies that are dependent on internal pressure. The vibrations are measured by the sensor and are analysed by a signal processor. The system uses a processing technique developed to automatically compensate for variations in the wall thickness of the vessel.

The EPS is non-invasive, so it is ideal for use with hazardous gases and chemicals.

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