How much will it all cost?

Creating a parts and vendors database can be done on a PC without the need to resort to a dedicated MRP system

Engineers who build prototypes, one-off systems and short runs of multi-component product assemblies may be interested in a useful piece of software from the company Softcover. Parts & Vendors, which visitors to ICAT can see on the company’s stand, was originally aimed at individual designers and small companies working on PCs, but has since proven itself even in large companies where engineers want the flexibility to create their own parts and vendor database outside the constraints of a centralised MRP system.

The software has the tools for building and managing parts lists, bill of material and tracing sources of supply for all the components designed into new products. By helping the user to build a database of parts and prices linked to vendors and suppliers, Parts & Vendors lets the user assess the total component cost of any design at any time during the course of a design project.

Also at ICAT, Softcover will be demonstrating ChoiceCAD 32 for Windows ’95 and Windows NT, Version 4 of Scan2CAD, a £199 raster to vector converter, a package that has proved quite popular with the defence industry, and Cpost for Windows, a £499 2 1/2 axis milling, routing and profiling system.

Figure 1: Parts & Vendors is a personal parts list manager and vendor database for Windows