How the concept works in reality

ConceptWorks uses RealityWaves’ streaming 3D technology. It can be added to SolidWorks CAD software to let you work on-line during all points of the development process.

By prioritising data, information most visible to the user is sent across the network first. As the user views a model from different positions and orientations, the relative importance of different parts of the model changes. These changes in priority are used to continually choose the most relevant information to transmit across the network connection.

The RealityWave server is central to its success. The server stores three dimensional models and can respond to the prioritised requests in the streaming protocol. It also allows other qualified users to view, rotate and read data from the model simultaneously.

In addition to the core streaming technology, RealityWave has a number of other capabilities that are useful in building distributed three-dimensional applications. By carefully selecting the level of detail of the objects that are rendered, the RealityWave rendering engine can display very large models at interactive frame rates.

To make it easier to create streamable 3D models, RealityWave offers a fast, high-quality mesh decimation capability. To improve network communication even further, RealityWave can compress triangular mesh data.