HSE focuses on risks of Y2K Bug

Employers are being urged to identify and assess the risks from failures which might result from the Millennium Bug. David Eves, deputy director general of the HSE has announced plans for inspection and publicity initiatives through 1999 to bring the potential risks to health and safety home to UK businesses.

`Where there is a potential risk to health and safety, employers must demonstrate readiness to identify and deal with the potential consequences of the Year 2000 problem, or inspectors will demonstrate their readiness to take legal action,’ said Eves.

The initiatives involve both the HSE and local authority inspectors. They will discuss the Y2K problem and give employers copies of both the Health and Safety and the Year 2000 problem and the Year 2000 Risk Assessment leaflets at most visits on workplace health and safety. Inspectors and other staff will raise the problem with trade bodies and advisory committees.