Quadrem and Elemica, through a Hub-to-Hub connection, are connecting the global chemical and the mining, minerals and metals industries.

Elemica and Quadrem have signed an agreement to create a hub-to-hub connection to facilitate more efficient commerce between the mining, minerals and metals companies participating in Quadrem and their chemical suppliers participating in Elemica.

The Quadrem-Elemica hub-to-hub connection will allow members of Quadrem to place orders though Quadrem that are intended for any number of their chemical suppliers, allowing Elemica to route the orders to the correct supplier based on pre-existing contractual arrangements.

‘By ‘connecting once’, chemical companies that have selected Elemica will be able to reach the leading companies in the mining, minerals and metals segment through our first hub-to-hub alliance with Quadrem,’ explained Elemica President and CEO Kent Dolby.

‘This agreement is significant for Elemica members and their customers,’ stated Olivier Spehner, Ciba Global Head of e-Business projects and Elemica member. ‘This Hub-to-Hub connection will enable Ciba to reach more of our critical customers and further reduce our cost-to-serve, and further strengthen our relationships with them.’

The global connection will be completed by Q2, 2002.

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