Hub to Hub

Elemica, a global integrated hub founded by 22 chemical companies, and Transwide, a European hub for transportation, are to create Europe’s first operational hub-to-hub solution.

Elemica will connect the ERP systems of chemical companies not only for order entry but also for order fulfilment. Transwide will connect logistics providers to its hub by integrating directly with their ERP systems, by connecting via their existing EDI network or by providing a web interface.

At first, the integrated Elemica – Transwide hub-to-hub offering will focus initially on providing solutions for the European road transportation industry.

Elemica and Transwide will also commercialise and incorporate some newly developed Transwide products in their overall solution. The new products enable the electronic issuance and visibility of the CMR (European trucking equivalent of the Bill of Lading) transportation document and provide tracing through electronically recording events on the CMR. Hence the companies will be able to offer track and trace functionality, real time electronic proof of pickup and delivery, as well as electronic capture of reservations and waiting times.

The newly developed products, which have already been through a first phase of pilot testing, will be commercially launched in the first quarter of 2002.

Solvin, a joint venture between BASF and Solvay (who are both members of the Elemica network) has already implemented the Transwide solutions.

Major chemical transport companies are currently using Transwide’s solution. Amongst them Vos Logistics, a European leader in bulk logistics, will be fully integrated with the Transwide platform by the end of the year.

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