Hutchinson buys Amada laser cutters

Hutchinson Engineering has installed an advanced laser cutting machine with automated load and unload at its facility at Kilrea near Coleraine to help produce components faster and more flexibly.

The new machine, an Amada Alpha LC2415 CNC, will be joined in the coming month by a high specification Amada LC3015 X1 laser cutter.

Hutchinson has developed a niche in the commercial vehicle market supplying parts such as chassis brackets for coaches. Using the flexible Amada laser profiling machines, the company has also been able to process non-metallic parts for the same industry.

‘Coach interior lining parts are typically manufactured from 2mm thick Formica,’ general manager Mark Hutchinson said. ‘This material is traditionally processed by woodworking shops using routing techniques. However, because the Amada machines feature roller beds, materials that require high aesthetics can be laser cut without the risk of surface scratches, at a much faster rate.’

Hutchinson Engineering intends to run its two Amada machines 24 hours a day.