Hydrodec and D.E.L.CO enter joint marketing agreement

Hydrodec Group has entered into a joint marketing agreement with D.E.L.CO in respect of the two companies’ technologies for the treatment of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)-contaminated hardware and oil.

D.E.L.CO has developed and owns technologies for the PCB decontamination of hardware, which it has provided to waste companies across the world.

Hydrodec’s oil re-refining technology takes spent oil, including PCB-contaminated transformer oil, as the primary feedstock and processes this for reuse while eliminating PCBs, a toxic additive now banned under international regulations, without environmentally harmful emissions.

Hydrodec and D.E.L.CO are currently exploring a number of initial opportunities to co-market their technologies, products and services in developing countries where there may be options to license or sell them.