Hydrofoil ‘more aircraft than boat’

A new hydrofoil watercraft promises an off-roading experience on the water.

The 11ft-long Front-Runner uses twin 215hp forward-mounted jet-drive motors to power it through the water. Described as more ‘aircraft than boat,’ it has a plane-like steering system that allows it to make more flexible manoeuvres than a conventional boat. Its ability to navigate shallow waters means it can reach previously inaccessible places.

The Front-Runner is said to be unique because of its design and performance. Its motors and suspension system enable it to pierce the water and curve in and out of turns. The rear hydrofoil lifts the body out of the water so the driver can control different aspects of the ride.

Because the motors are mounted in front of the bow this creates a pulling sensation rather than the push of a traditional boat, giving the rider a different boating experience.

The craft is made of entirely recyclable materials, and its tubular frame is constructed by US company Spectrum Sand Sports of Michigan.

Designer Joey Ruiter, head of production design firm JRuiter Studio, completed a working prototype of the craft earlier this year and said the concept is nearing a commercial reality.

He expects production costs to be comparable to a typical twin-engine jet boat and is now looking for a manufacturer to take the project into the production phase.

The Front-Runner is made of entirely recyclable materials