Hydrogen comes home

Shell Hydrogen has signed a development, marketing and sales agreement with Vandenborre Technologies that will give it access to Vandenborre’s electrolyser-based hydrogen home refuelling products.

A home hydrogen refuelling unit consists of a small-scale electrolyser powered by mains electricity that converts water from the domestic supply into a slow stream of hydrogen. The only local emission is oxygen. The technology would allow drivers of fuel cell vehicles to connect their vehicles to home refuelling units for a steady overnight refill.

Under the agreement, Shell Hydrogen has obtained non-exclusive rights to act as an agent for Vandenborre’s home refuelling technology. Shell Hydrogen will conduct a market analysis of the potential of home hydrogen refuelling, while Vandenborre Technologies will develop and manufacture the home refuelling units.

The two companies expect to introduce a prototype for field testing within a year in a European market.