Hydrogen water taxi

Millennium Cell has teamed up with Seaworthy Systems and the Duffy Electric Boat Company to demonstrate the use of its ‘Hydrogen on Demand’ fuel cell system in a water taxi.

The Hydrogen on Demand system will be installed in a 22-passenger water taxi from Duffy Electric Boat. Seaworthy Systems will provide system integration and engineering.

Developed for California’s Center for the Commercial Deployment of Transportation Technologies (CCDoTT), the boat is expected to be in use in Newport Beach, CA harbour in August this year, serving the public ten to twelve hours a day.

Millennium Cell’s Hydrogen on Demand system generates hydrogen from sodium borohydride, which is derived from sodium borate, commonly known as borax. Dissolved in water and passed through a proprietary catalyst chamber, the sodium borohydride releases a stream of pure hydrogen – on demand – to power a fuel cell or an internal combustion engine. The fuel’s byproduct is water and borax.