i2 and frog join forces

i2 Technologies and frog have announced a new solution for design collaboration. frog and i2 have worked jointly to develop the i2 TradeMatrix Design Collaboration Solution. The new product represents a B2B design collaboration solution to integrate design innovation, product engineering and manufacturing on the Internet.

The new collaborative design platform was conceived to bridge the gap between companies that need to work together on new product development projects. Prior to the introduction of the Design Collaboration solution, sharing interactive design information across one or more firewalls was difficult.

‘PDM and ERP systems have hit the wall when it comes to providing an easy to use and secure collaboration environment that crosses the firewall,’ said Dave Horne, senior vice president, i2 TradeMatrix Design and Source Solutions. ‘Our new Design Collaboration solution is designed to provide private marketplaces with the ability to selectively share intellectual property with key design partners and manage the collaboration process on the Internet.’

i2 TradeMatrix Design Collaboration is designed to provide a true Internet-based B2B architecture enabling multiple collaboration scenarios.

For enterprise customers, it provides a single multi-user environment for managing the evolution of the product definition and program management of the development process in a pure Web-distributed architecture.

For private exchange operators, it is designed to provide a secure environment outside the firewall for collaborating with suppliers during the design and sourcing process.

And for public exchange operators, it provides a private environment for buyers and sellers of customer-fabricated goods to collaborate on requirements and specifications.

Yesterday, i2 reported total revenues for the third quarter ended September 30, 2000, of $319.5 million, 32 percent higher than the second quarter 2000 revenues of $242.6 million and 118 percent greater than total revenues of $146.3 million for the third quarter of 1999.

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