IBM And Xilinx Team Up

IBM and Xilinx will create a new generation of chips for use in communications, storage, and consumer applications. The companies are working together to embed IBM PowerPC processor cores in Xilinx Virtex-II field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

The pairing of a PowerPC processor core with customizable FPGA circuitry is designed to allow makers of electronic equipment to tailor custom chips for their particular application at reduced cost and with faster time-to-market.

The new devices will initially be fabricated by IBM for Xilinx using advanced IBM chip manufacturing technologies, including copper. This will enable Xilinx to broaden its manufacturing volume and geographic diversity and leverage common foundry manufacturing processes. Availability dates for the new chips will be announced later this year by Xilinx.

The complementary marketing and technology agreement will enable customers who choose FPGA solutions from Xilinx to migrate to IBM ASIC and standard product solutions as appropriate.

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