IBM join Ariba to help firms get online fast

IBM AND Ariba have unveiled their first combined solution aimed at medium-sized suppliers wanting to carry out business-to-business transactions online.

The two partners claim that the combination of IBM’s Start Now and Ariba’s Supplier Live, using a Cisco networking system, will allow suppliers to quickly construct an e-commerce site and connect via the internet to buyers and marketplaces on the Ariba Commerce Services Network. The package incorporates integrated plug-and-play options.

Ed Kilroy, general manager for IBM electronic commerce software, said: `More than ever before, suppliers are determined to get involved in global B2B e-commerce.

`This package meets the needs of suppliers who do not have all the technological capabilities, expertise, budget or time to build a customised solution.’

The link with Ariba is the latest stage in an aggressive programme by IBM to establish itself as a major player in the online B2B revolution.

`Big Blue’, as IBM is known, is the world’s biggest provider of IT hardware and number two in software. In a separate development, the company has launched a commercial version of the world’s fastest supercomputer, aimed at companies needing the power to run highly complex e-business applications.

The RS/6000 SP has been developed from ASCI White, which can process 12.3 trillion calculations per second – 30,000 times more than the average PC.

The ASCI White is currently used by the US Department of Energy to simulate the effects of nuclear explosions.

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