Ice T rides the rails

A consortium comprised of Bombardier, Siemens and Alstom has received a 420 million Euro order from Deutsche Bahn for the delivery of 28 high-speed trains.

A consortium comprised of Bombardier Transportation, Siemens and Alstom has received an order from Deutsche Bahn for the delivery of 28 seven-car ICE T high-speed trains.

The order has a total worth of approximately 420 million Euros. The consortium leader Siemens Transportation Systems will receive approximately 256 million Euros, Bombardier Transportation will get around 101 million Euros and Alstom around 63 million Euros.

For its part, Siemens will be responsible for the supply of the electrical equipment as well as the production of 91 vehicles.

Bombardier Transportation will manufacture 105 cars: 49 intermediate and 56 end cars. The bogies as well as the tilting system will be built in an Alstom plant in Savigliano, Italy.

105 carbodies will be produced at Bombardier’s plant in Görlitz while interior completion will be undertaken in its Ammendorf facility and at the Siemens site in Uerdingen.

The ICE T vehicle is a high-speed train using tilting technology. It is designed for a maximum speed of 230 km/h. Deutsche Bahn already has already 43 first generation electric tilting trains in service.