ICI Runcorn CHP station promises to cut emissions

ICI Chlor-Chemicals is set to build a £110m combined heat and power station in Runcorn to replace two existing higher emission power stations.

The company has been granted permission by the Department of Trade and Industry for the gas-fired station which is designed to cut emissions of CO2 by 50% over current on- and off-site electrical generation. The plant will also virtually eliminate sulphur dioxide emissions. Noise levels will be lower than the existing stations and the overall look of the site will be improved with its two smaller 60m stacks replacing the existing 107m stack that currently dominates the site.

The plant will burn natural gas for 99% of the time and be fitted with the latest technology for the minimisation of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx). It will take two-and-a-half years to build and commission.

Adrian Bromley, chief executive of Chlor-Chemicals said: `The plant will help improve the environment – in particular we will be cutting national CO2 emissions substantially and will increase fuel and production efficiency.’

The project will boost the amount of CHP in the UK by more than 6%.

Jobs: none; investment: £110m; completion: end 2001

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