If the shoe fits

Delcam has introduced a new range of orthopaedic software and hardware products for the footwear industry.

Delcam has introduced a new range of orthopaedic software and hardware within its CRISPIN family of products for the footwear industry.

The products cover all stages, from data capture to pattern engineering, enabling a consistency approach to be taken throughout the development process.

OrthoScan is a variable resolution 3D laser foot scanner, that can also scan lasts and foot casts. The unit captures a scan of the complete foot and provides an STL data format template for export into the last modification software OrthoLast. It is portable so can be used to scan a customer’s feet on-site or, alternatively, in a dedicated shop.

OrthoLast then imports the scanned foot data in STL format. An existing last, with measurements close to the scanned foot, is then selected from a library and merged with the foot template. The last is modified to the required shape and measurements, to match the characteristics of the scanned foot. The new custom-designed last can then be saved and exported to OrthoStyle to 3D engineer the chosen style lines or to OrthoDesign for creating or appending complete footwear designs.

OrthoStyle, on the other hand, can import the style lines from an existing 3D design, to allow any required modifications or adjustments for aesthetic purposes. Alternatively, new styles can be created by drawing lines directly onto the last surface. These style lines and last forms can then be flattened from 3D to 2D, and passed directly to the OrthoTec module for the development of 2D patterns.

OrthoDesign builds on the functionality of OrthoStyle to provide a complete 3D footwear design system.  Like OrthoStyle, it can append existing designs directly onto the customer’s last or create a new design to the customer’s requirements.  In addition, depth can be added to the design elements, and materials, textures and colours, plus features like stitching, padding, eyelets and laces, can all be included to complete the design.

Photo-realistic images can be generated, so designs can be reviewed by colleagues or customers without having to make a sample. This could be undertaken in another location, like another manufacturing site, or perhaps in a dedicated shop, where customers can have their feet scanned, before selecting a design from a catalogue generated by the software.

Once the design has been finalised, style lines and last forms can be flattened from 3D to 2D and passed to OrthoTec, a 2D pattern engineering software for the development of orthopaedic footwear patterns.