Imageware V10 brings further time savings to design

SDRC has launched version 10 of Imageware for surface modelling, reverse engineering, geometry verification and digital inspection, which enables users to design, build and verify high quality, free-form shaped products with considerable time savings.

Imageware V10 includes over 120 enhancements to three core products: Surfacer, Verdict and Build!IT. Surfacer is a surface modelling system for capturing design intent for conducting reverse engineering. Verdict is an accurate and fast analysis solution, and Build!IT is a digital, product-driven process for building assembly tooling.

Surfacer offers true Class A surfacing, helping designers ensure a flawless surface that is capable of manufacture, and which looks as the stylist intended. There are new tools to simplify multiple designs. Surfacer allows modelling of a high quality surface model with scanned-in point data from a physical model, and also lets the user compare and modify CAD models with point data, and quickly produce various design iterations.

The Surfacer user interface has been improved, with tool shelf icons following the logical steps in surface generation, ie from point cloud processing, to surface creation, surface analysis and modification, to finished surface. Other enhancements include real time diagnostics, computer aided verification, and enhanced databridges giving seamless integration with other software.

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