Imaging matters

Eykona Technologies, the 65th spin-out company from Oxford University, is developing systems that will have applications in areas as diverse as healthcare and videogames.

Eykona’s  imaging technology makes it possible to capture the 3D shape and material properties of objects and surfaces using low-cost, portable hardware. Initially the systems are being used to capture environments for videogames and, potentially, in medical imaging for dermatological care. However, the technology will also make it possible to create a mass-market 3D imaging device for homes and offices that would make a perfect partner for low-cost 3D printers.

Eykona builds on patented technology developed by Professor Ronald Daniel and Dr James Paterson of Oxford University’s Department of Engineering Science. Other 3D imaging systems rely on very expensive and bulky custom hardware. Eykona’s approach is to use advanced software to do the same job with light, off-the-shelf equipment.

Professor Daniel commented: ‘Eykona’s breakthrough technology has the capacity to put very high-resolution 3D imaging into the home PC. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in the migration of 3D imaging from the laboratory to the workplace or even the home.’

The SurfaceImager is the first of the company’s products. SurfaceImager allows a user to acquire high resolution geometric detail, colour and reflectivity (e.g. matte or gloss) information from sections of low overall curvature in e.g. buildings, objects or people. The SurfaceImager is a portable texture capture system which can be used to acquire colour 3D texture data from a large variety of opaque surfaces whether stone,  fabric, wood or even skin.

Eykona Technologies was spun out through Isis Innovation, the University of Oxford’s wholly-owned technology transfer company. Seed investment and management support is being provided by H2O Venture Partners.