Imperial hosts green transport day

Imperial College London will this week host conference to discuss future technologies for environmentally friendly vehicles

ImperialCollegeLondon will this week host a one-day conference to discuss future technologies for environmentally friendly vehicles and a sustainable transport infrastructure.

The event forms part of the European ‘Mobidays’ sustainable mobility project which is funded by the European 6th Framework Programme. Mobidays was established to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the main research projects on sustainable mobility in Europe and worldwide.

The morning session of the conference will focus on viable alternatives to petrol and diesel as motor fuel, and the importance of creating an infrastructure that supports and encourages the use of hydrogen and biofuels.

Speakers will address recent developments by scientists working to perfect alternative fuels, including bioethanol, biodiesel, and biogas. There will also be discussion of proposed transport systems and traffic management tools which could help to cut carbon emissions on the roads.

The afternoon session will focus on how cars and other vehicles can themselves be designed to reduce carbon emissions. The emphasis will be on recent advances towards creating cars and other vehicles with zero or near-zero emissions. Vehicle technologies to be discussed include hybrid-electric cars combined with fuel cells, or with internal combustion engines that have innovative low emissions or multi-fuel capabilities.